Opening a cafe shop? Here is some decoration ideas for you.

Opening a cafe shop? Here is some decoration ideas for you.

Today, one of many people's biggest dreams is to own a cafe business. In fact, this idea has definitely passed through the dreams or minds of many of us. Some of us wanted our cafe to be small but cute; and some imagined our cafe in the busiest and most crowded places of the city.

Let's say your dreams come true and you will open a cafe. So what is the most important thing to pay attention to next? One of the most important issues to be considered when opening a cafe is decoration. It is now a leading role in each of our living spaces. Each cafe has a decoration style and an atmosphere created by this style, which allows it to be distinguished from other cafes and preferred over them.

If you plan to target customers with many different tastes, decorating is really important to you. You need to create a socially attractive environment and a simple but stylish atmosphere for your guests to be comfortable. Remember that one of the most important factor that will set you apart from your competitors is the decoration of your coffee shop.

In the commercial service sector for businesses such as cafes, table and chair models, concept selection, color combinations and most importantly, decorative products that complement all these elements are very important, especially in terms of prestige.

We have compiled five cafe decorating examples to inspire new ideas in our readers who are considering opening a cafe or want to give their existing cafes a new look.

1.Industrial Style Coffee Shop

industrial style cafe shop

Industrial metallic lighting and furniture are the elements that reinforce the modern look of the decoration. When the modern and industrial decoration of your cafe comes together with the arrangements related to your ideas, a rather unusual space can occur. You can get a very modern and industrial look by placing brick walls, a large industrial countertop, with illuminated shelves and cabinets in cafe decoration.This style, which adapts especially to interesting places such as semi-open spaces, basements or terraces, can be quite unusual with its industrial and modern appearance. Undisclosed metal pipes, brick walls, metal seating elements and industrial lighting are the main components of this decoration style.

2. Modern Coffee Shop Design

modern design cafe shop

Modern cafe decorations, like the textile industry, can vary every year. This contemporary style generally stands out with its shiny metal details, harmonious colours and modern appearance. The most modern cafe decoration examples are the most unique. With metallic lighting and modern decorative touches, you can reinforce the modern look of your decoration.

The modern style, which differs from minimal style with the preference of various colours and abundant metallic surfaces, can create a very spacious and interesting cafe environment.

3. Minimal Cafe Decoration

minimalist cafe shop

The most important feature of this style is that the decorative elements are kept very simple and the non-functional elements are not included in the decoration. With simple furniture, simple lighting, monochrome colours and some geometric objects, minimal style can be easily adapted.

Especially if you have a small open space, it is minimalist to have an impressive and quality place. But being minimal should not mean losing the effect. The minimalist understanding observed throughout the venue creates an opportunity for the details to stand out. Well thought out, effective details are very important for an original cafe decoration.

In minimalism, quality is also in the foreground like details. Small and intrinsic interior elements come to the fore with their quality, material finish and details. Including design elements in decorative and detail selections in such places will make you different.

4. Vintage-Style Cafe Decoration

vintage cafe shop design

Vintage decoration style is one of the most preferred options within the scope of cafe decorations. It is a style that contains the general decorative motifs of the 70s and 80s and looks like old but completely new products. This decoration style takes a variety of nostalgic details from the past to the present, creating a classic atmosphere. Various textiles such as furniture upholstery and curtains, cabinets with showcase, dim lighting and decorative antique objects are the main elements involved in creating this style.

Fireplaces with vintage decoration styles can provide you with a very warm and comfortable atmosphere in cafe decoration. The owners of the cafes that decorate their cafes in this style state that the number of customers has increased at a great speed. The fact that it is more comfortable and decorative offers great decor comfort for those who want to decorate their cafes freely and exactly as they want.

5. Concept Coffee Shop Design

concept cafe shop design

In many parts of the world, cafes are much more than just eating and drinking. Themed cafes are social areas that are very popular nowadays. There are places inspired by various films and series, as well as cafes based on more general concepts such as book theme, hospital theme, space theme, Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Or you can create a place that fully appeals to your imagination and tastes.

Regardless of the subject, reflecting the concept in a suitable and effective way to the decoration of the space will significantly increase the pleasure that customers take from spending time there. Decorative arrangements based on the most entertaining and remarkable points of the chosen concept can make the cafe a very intriguing and preferred place.

We design, make and sell timeless decorative products especially for cafe shops and spaces people come together. Explore our designs, drop us a message to talk about how we can touch to your business :)

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